McCabe 'should have gone out in cuffs!' -- Watch Fox News' Judge Jeanine yell about the 'triumvirate' bringing down Trump
Jeanine Pirro on Fox News/Screenshot

Fox News is an increasingly insular place, as a small group of loyal Trumpistas goes on each other's shows to prop up the president and call-out his growing list of detractors.

The latest installment of The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton dragged up the Baghdad Bobs of Trumpdom, Ann Coulter and Judge Jeanine Pirro who railed about the deep state and former CIA director John Brennan.

Hilton opened with a dire warning to viewers about the danger to the "duly" elected leader of "our country" (Hilton is a British national).

Hilton asked his first guest, Pirro, whether the "deep state" is out to get Trump. Pirro yelled that he definitely has.

"How could he not believe that the establishment is out to get him?" Pirro yelled.

McCabe was part of a "triumvirate inside" the FBI that was out to get Trump in the primaries and general election, she alleged.

"Are you kidding? Andy McCabe is someone who needed to be fired and who should have been gone out in cuffs, as far as I'm concerned," she yelled. "McCabe lied. McCabe was part of that triumvirate in the FBI that made up this evidence."

"Why aren't we hearing from FIA judges? Who are these judges!" she yelled.

Pirro then went after Trey Gowdy, who recently warned the president's lawyers to back off and allow Mueller to investigate, saying "If you've got an innocent client, act like it."

"That is a very unusual statement—and I'm a big, big supporter of Trey," Pirro yelled. "But you don't say that. Trey says Russia attacked out country. Why didn't Obama go after Russia?"

Watch the video below—turn your volume down first, though, as there is a lot of yelling.