MSNBC's Maddow lays out 'troubling inconsistencies' between what Trump says publicly and what investigators know
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Wednesday on a source who revealed "troubling inconsistencies" between official White House statements and evidence uncovered by congressional investigators.

"Last night, we reported that Democrats on the Intelligence Committee had unexpectedly released a 21-page document in response to the Republicans shutting down the Russian investigation in the House," Maddow noted. "The document the Democrats released last night was not just a response to what the Republicans had said they were doing, it was also their own status report on where they believed the investigation stood at the moment the Republicans shut it down."

"We didn't know this report was coming out until it came out last night and it was a surprise," Maddow continued, before reading from page five of the report.

"The committee has learned that candidate Trump's private business was actively negotiating a business deal in Moscow with a sanctioned Russian bank during the election period," the report read.

"If you think that's old news and you've heard that before, it's not," Maddow noted. "It is a new and specific and potent assertion from the intelligent committee Democrats."

Maddow reported on what she had heard from a source familiar with the House Intelligence investigation.

"Committee testimony has raised serious questions about the Trump Organization's effort during the presidential election period to secure foreign financing for a Trump Tower Moscow including from a sanctioned Russian bank," the source revealed. "There are troubling inconsistencies between public assertions and what we have discovered through documentary and testimonial evidence during the investigation."

"So there appears to have been an attempted assassination by chemical warfare on British soil," Maddow explained. "But we are in this bizarre situation where our own president's silence and mealy-mouthed hemming and hawing on this subject is in the foreground, while his own secret dealings with the Russian government are starting to unfold and starting to be exposed by a congressional investigation that his Republican allies are trying to shut down."