'Needs to stop even in our community' -- Memphis library hosts debate on use of the n-word
Rev. Earle Fisher of Memphis at the forum/Screenshot

The black community in Memphis held a forum to discuss the use of the n-word, Fox 13 News of Memphis reports.

"If they use that word, and they call children the n-word, then that's perpetuating," said one woman who attended. "That's a culture thing, and that needs to stop even in our community."

But others, like Rev. Earle Fisher, said the n-word has taken on new meaning and that the younger generation can decided for themselves what the word means.

“I think sometimes we do end up pontificating over abstract and not affirming people’s concrete lived experiences trying to figure out how to utilize experiences to speak about who we are,” Fisher said.

A similar forum was held in Topeka, where people are also debating future use of the word. Some black writers have argued that the word should not be used by anyone, while others believe it can be useful and powerful.

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