Nicolle Wallace lists the three key reasons why Stormy Daniels is a credible witness
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace and former adult film performer Stormy Daniels, composite image.

MSNBC's Deadline: White House anchor Nicolle Wallace laid out three key reasons why former porn star Stormy Daniels is a more credible narrator than President Donald Trump.

"Jill Colvin, can you weigh in on the mountain of irony here, if the Steve Mnuchin run Treasury Department ends up being the federal agency that is in receipt of a flag from a bank about a payment that originated from one of Donald Trump's accounts to payoff a porn star that he wanted to keep quiet?" Wallace asked the Associated Press White House reported.

"Just think of the sentence you just said, and how incredible it is that we're all talking about it right now, that possibility here," Colvin replied.

"I can't believe I said it," Wallace said with a laugh.

"Ken Dilanian, to a lawyer these are obviously important distinctions," Wallace noted to the NBC News intelligence and national security reporter. "But to the general public, where I believe close to 70 percent of the public already disapprove of this president and the job he's doing as president, he runs the risk of adding to that the number of humans that may just disapprove of the job he does as a husband. I mean, there is a human element to this story."

"Stormy Daniels is a compelling figure for three reasons," Wallace observed.

"One, she's willing to give back the money to tell her story," the host explained. "She doesn't look like she's after any financial gain."

"Two, her original account that in In Touch magazine humanized the president. She didn't tell the story of any unpleasant encounter, she talked about Donald Trump as someone who was afraid of sharks," Wallace reminded. "She talked about how he offered to help her on The Apprentice, she doesn't tell a story of any sort of encounter gone awry."

"And three, the encounter took place after he was married to Melania Trump, so, he is highly motivated, you can certainly understand his motive for keeping it quiet," the host continued. "Far greater than you could understand anything she's seeking to gain by telling the truth."

"Oh, that's absolutely right, Nicolle," Dilanian replied. "And I agree with everything you just said."