'Nonsensical': Shep Smith unloads on Trump's 'unAmerican' gun grabbing plan -- and his inevitable walk back
Fox News' Shep Smith

Fox News host Shep Smith on Friday went off on Donald Trump over the president’s suggestion we should “take guns” from some Americans before carrying out due process, calling the “nonsensical” idea “as un-American as imaginable.”

“The President of the United States said if you see somebody that doesn't seem right, take their guns and worry about the consequences later,” Smith said, recalling Trump’s stunning bipartisan meeting on Wednesday, during which the president seemed to lend his support for strict gun control measures.

“That is as un-American as imaginable,” Smith explained. “Is there anyone there who is able to discern what has happened and why these things keep coming out in these ways that really end up getting walked back and are bordering on nonsensical?”

“I’m going to take away some of the adjectives that you said, those are your options not mine,” Fox News host Chris Wallace said. But, I certainly agree there's disarray in the staff.

“There seems to be a feeling, and we’ve seen this before with this president, that he gets fed up with his staff, he gets fed up with them all trying to manage him and control him and he acts out,” Wallace offered “When he does, hold on to your hats.”

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