'It's not payback!': CNN panelists go off on Trumper Stephen Moore for insisting Mueller's probe is about revenge
Supply side economist Stephen Moore (Screen cap).

CNN panelists on Thursday night sparred over the concept that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Donald Trump is "payback" for Bill Clinton's impeachment.

As panelists on AC360 began speaking over each other, conservative economic analyst Stephen Moore and former Trump campaign aide Bryan Lanza insisted Mueller's investigation is both too broad and has taken too long. The economist half-jokingly suggested there should be a "statute of limitations" on the investigation when New York City councilwoman Christine Quinn noted that Democrats tried to institute one during Clinton's impeachment proceedings.

"And it's payback time, right?" Lanza asked, causing objections from both Quinn and Atlantic contributing editor Peter Bienart.

"It's not payback!" Bienart interjected. "The reason that people are doing this is because actually there's been real stuff that has come out, especially on the obstruction case."

Watch below, via CNN: