'We're not terrorists': NRA's Dana Loesch goes berserk over Parkland teen 'bigots' who don't 'take action'
Dana Loesch appears on Fox News (screen grab)

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch on Thursday berated the survivors of a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida for taking part in an anti-gun rally in Washington, D.C. instead of spending the money on school security.

Loesch began her weekly appearance on Fox & Friends by arguing that Democrats should be "forced" to admit that they want to abolish the Second Amendment.

"That's exactly what they want," she insisted. "They just stop short of actually articulating it because they know it doesn't poll well."

Loesch reacted to last weekend's March for Our Lives by calling herself a "free speech purist" and then slamming the participants of the event.

"I'm fine," she said. "I just think that all of the money that was spent on concerts and porta-potties and... armed security -- a lot of that could have been spent on school security measures. All of those individuals could have actually been meeting with elected officials."

The NRA is on record calling for more guns in schools. But Loesch did not say if the NRA would cancel its own convention to spend the money on "school safety measures."

"You can march all day long," Loesch scoffed. "Ultimately, you've got to follow it up with action."

The NRA spokesperson went on to assail anti-gun activists who have criticized her caustic style.

"It's hasn't been just me," she revealed. "It's been anybody who supported the Second Amendment and their right of self defense. You know, we're not terrorists. I'm a mother! One of my oldest children is just a year or so younger than some of these teenagers that are on television."

According to Loesch, her own children have noticed the anti-NRA "bias on television."

"They see that there's only one side ever presented!" she exclaimed. "It's not a debate. You're just being lectured to."

Fox News host Pete Hegseth agreed.

"We see it, the kids see it, everyone sees it," he said. "And yet, we're getting policy advice from young people who have the right to speak out as much as they want but it doesn't make you a gun expert out of the gate."

Hegseth praised Loesch for "spending your lifetime committed to what the Second Amendment truly means."

Loesch agreed and slammed Parkland activist for suggesting policy when they are "not mature enough to carry a firearm" -- even though most of them are old enough to purchase guns in many states.

"I really wish the other side of the debate would stop projecting some bigoted notions on Second Amendment advocates," Loesch complained. "Stop and listen! Maybe give your fellow Americans a little bit of credit."

Watch the video below from Fox News.