'Nuts': Stunned White House staffers watched in shock as ex-Trump aide Nunberg made the media rounds
Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg. Image via screengrab.

White House staffers watched along as former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg called into cable news shows three times within two hours on Monday — and were shocked by what they saw.

CNN reported Monday that Nunberg's interviews stunned several Trump administration aides who've grown used to scandal, calling them "bizarre" and "nuts."

Other aides have said "they try to tune out daily developments on the Russia investigation -- the only way, they say, they'd be able to continue about the business of running the country."

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to Nunberg's public meltdown as it was happening and refuted the former aide's claim that it appears special counsel Robert Mueller "has something" on the president.

"I’ve said many times before that there was no collusion with the Trump campaign," the press secretary said. "Anything further on what his actions are, he didn’t work at the White House so I certainly can’t speak to him or lack of knowledge that he has."