Ohio cop busted copying and sharing nude image involving a woman and a dog from a subject's phone
Captain Brian Simcox/Screenshot from Fox 8

An Ohio cop has been pulled off the streets after an investigation determined that he made a copy of a pornographic image involving a dog from a subject's phone.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, Captain Brian Simcox found the photo on a subject's phone outside a McDonald's where he was violating a heroin deal. Simcox was an expert on busting meth labs, and had been stripped of his badge during the investigation. Simcox used his phone to take a photo of the image on the subject's phone and shared it with other officers, relatives, a firefighter and a tow-truck driver.

Last week, Simcox signed an agreement which said that he violated several departmental policies and Ohio law because he searched the suspect’s phone without her consent. Simcox has been demoted to lieutenant and sent to supervise a shift at the department's radio room after the five-month investigation.

Ohio outlawed bestiality only in March 2017.