Parkland student Delaney Tarr speaks through tears as 100,000-person crowd chants 'vote them out'
Parkland student Delaney Tarr (Photo: Screen capture)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Delaney Tarr told the Washington, D.C. March for Our Lives rally told the crowd that Saturday's march wasn't about a single day but it was a movement they will never stop.

"This is more than a march, more than an event and then moving on," she told the crowd, which stretched farther than her eyes could see from the stage. "This is not a publicity stunt, a single day in the span of history. This is a movement relying on the persistence and passion of its people. We cannot move on. If we move on, the NRA and those against us will win."

She explained that the gun lobby wants people to forget each shooting. That each time, in shooting after shooting, they tell the world it's "too soon" to talk about the sudden deaths the came at the end of a gun.

"They want our voices to be silenced," Tarr said. "And they want to retreat into the shadows where they can remain unnoticed. They want to be back on top, unquestioned in their corruption. But we cannot and will not let that happen. Today and everyday day, we will continue to fight for those things that are right. We will continue to fight for common sense. We will continue to fight for our lives. We will continue to fight for our dead friends."

She warned their antagonists that the 100,000-plus protester crowd would not falter, nor pause in their fight for their lives.

"Every moment will be dedicated to those pieces of legislation," she said. "Every march, every meeting, every moment, all for that assault weapons ban to keep these weapons out of the hands of civilians who do not need them. All or for the prohibition of high magazines, because no hunter will need access to people in mere minutes. For the closing of loopholes."

She noted that they will join with anyone, big or small, to fight back forever.

"When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile," she warned Washington. "We're not here for breadcrumbs. we're here for real change. we are here to lead. we are here to call out every single politician, to force them into enacting this legislation, to addressing this legislation, to doing more than a simple band-aid on a broken bone. The pressure is on for every person in power. It will stay that way, because they know what is coming. They know that if there is no assault weapons ban passed, then we will vote them out. They know that if there is no tightening of the background checks, we will vote them out. They know that if there is no shrinking of magazine capacity, then we will vote them out."

She warned politicians that if they continue to ignore Americans, and only pretend to listen, they will be voted out of office.

"We will take action every day, in every way, until they simply cannot ignore us anymore. Today we march, we fight, we roar. We prepare our signs. We raise them high. We know what we want. We know how to get it. and we're not waiting any longer," she closed