Parkland teacher breaks down describing how their town has changed forever
Kelly, teacher at Park Trails Elementary School.

An elementary school teacher from Parkland, Florida teared up with emotion when describing how her community has changed forever after the school shooting massacre.

Kelly, a teacher at Park Trails Elementary School, across Pine Island Road from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, explained the changes during a March for Our Lives event in Florida, attended by "thousands upon thousands" of Floridians.

"I've been teaching here in Parkland for 15 years, this could be any of us anywhere and this is such an important thing to make sure this never happens again," she explained. "My cousin teaches also, so we want to make sure this is heard -- our voices are heard."

"You know, this only happened in February," a NBC News reporter reminded. "Are you surprised by how quickly all of this has unfolded."

"I'm not surprised, because these are our kids. I know these kids, I've seen them grow up," Kelly explained. "I'm so proud of how quickly they have managed to do this."

"But honestly, I'm not surprised, this is what they do," she added. "It should've been done a long time ago, but the kids are going to get it done."

When asked about how the community had changed forever, the teacher was at a loss for words, breaking down on TV while attempting to answer the question.