Phil Mudd nails why Trump won't criticize Putin: His 'Achilles heel’ is whether or not Russia helped him win
Former CIA counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd

Former CIA counterterrorism expect Phil Mudd told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that President Donald Trump's "Achilles heel" is the question of his electoral legitimacy raised by the Russia investigation and the president's refusal to criticize Vladimir Putin.

Mudd explained how Trump's legal battles over his sex life have escalated in recent days.

"This story is transitioning and I think we need to focus on that transition," Mudd explained. "We have a judge in the past day or two who has agreed that a suit should go forward, that suit includes allegations of assault by the president."

"So we're transitioning from a vaguely humorous story about what the president did ten years ago to an ongoing lawsuit, including allegations of illegal activity: assault against a woman," Mudd noted. "I think we need to focus on that that transition."

"Why is the president so reluctant to criticize Putin?" Blitzer asked.

"I think because as soon as he criticizes him, it suggests the Russians did interfere and people start getting to that Achilles' heel that he worries about: is your election legitimate or did the Russians influence it?" Mudd replied.