‘Please do your job’: Chelsea Clinton tells Trump to quit obsessing about her mom and get to work
Chelsea Clinton (Photo: Screen capture)

During an appearance on "The View," former first daughter Chelsea Clinton addressed some of her concerns about President Donald Trump and his leadership of the country.

"Please, do your job," Clinton told the panel of women. "Please, don't worry about the Oscar ratings or how my mom is doing. Although, thank you, she's doing great. Please, worry about what's happening on the Korean Peninsula. Please, worry about what the Parkland students are saying, 'never again,' truly is never again. So we never have another school shooting in our country. Please, worry about what you can do from the federal government's perspective to make sure teachers in West Virginia and everywhere are paid appropriately."

She went on to say that whatever issue it is, she would prefer Trump lead the nation on that.

Co-host Meghan McCain asked Clinton why she thought Republicans still supported Trump, to the tune of 80 percent.

Clinton explained she's not a Republican and can't speak for what they might think, but she hopes that regardless of where people sit on the political spectrum "we can agree on what our common challenges are and hopefully we can spend time and energy about how we best solve those."

While McCain kept citing GOP support, Clinton explained that it's obvious looking broadly across the U.S. that the overwhelming majority of Americans want a different style of leadership. "Both in terms of the problems being solved but also the approach of how they're being solved and the language that historically we've heard from the men who held that office."

Amber Tamblyn, whose mother is a teacher, asked what Clinton thinks about the idea that teachers be expected to carry guns to keep schools secure.

Clinton noted that the public expects teachers to not only teach but be social workers, nurses, disciplinarians and now public safety officers too.

"While not being adequately compensated or respected for the profound work they do for our children and our shared future," she said.

About the teens in Parkland, Florida, Clinton said they're already changing things.

When asked about Ivanka Trump being asked about her father's personal life, Clinton said that any employee of the White House doing interviews should expect any and all questions about the president.

"So, yes, I do think it was a fair question," she said.

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