Police academy drop-out going to jail for cuffing, slamming kids during bootleg 'Scared Straight' gone awry
Police academy drop-out Christopher Hendon, who is now headed to jail for his bootleg Scared Straight/Booking photo

An Ohio man is headed for jail after pleading guilty to charges including impersonating a police officer and kidnapping.

Christopher Hendon was a troubled teen who cleaned up his life, according to an Akron Beacon Journal profile published in advance of his sentencing. But after being forced to withdraw from a police academy because of a problematic Soulja Boy Challenge video that he filmed.

He got a job as a security guard and then made a Facebook post offering his services holding Scared Straight-style interventions with kids who got into trouble. That post got more than 250 responses and so he picked up a troubl;ed 7-year-old boy.

“You like to fight?” he asked the boy, according to the Beacon Journal story. “I’ll take you somewhere where fighters go."

He brought the boy to juvie and had him see a holding cell.

From there, he held a number of other interventions while wearing his security guard uniform and carrying a handgun. According to prosecutors he verbally and physically abused kids. Some were handcuffed and a few were slammed onto the floor or lockers.

Hendon told the paper that "most" but not all of the parents who contacted him knew he wasn’t a police officer.

Some of the children have reportedly suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and intend to sue the school where Hendon was "office helper."

You can watch his interview with the Beacon Journal below.