'They push me left': Longtime PA Republican woman drops party because Trump 'caters to the extreme right' on guns
Donald Trump meets with NRA's Wayne LaPierre (AFP)

A longtime Pennsylvania Republican said this week that she was voting for Democrats because President Donald Trump and his party were catering "to the extreme right."

Dental hygienist Janet Dellana, 64, told The Washington Post that she voted for Democrat Conor Lamb in the Pennsylvania 18th District instead of Republican Rick Saccone, who narrowly lost the race.

According to Dellana, Trump's decision to back down on raising the purchasing age for military-style assault weapons was the final straw.

"After casting her vote in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb of Pittsburgh, dental hygienist Janet Dellana said she had been outraged to see Trump call for arming teachers instead of limiting access to semiautomatic weapons after the deadly school shooting in Florida," the Post reports.

“He flip-flops on everything, but in the end, he caters to the extreme right,” Dellana explained. “I am a registered Republican, but as this party continues to cater to the extreme right, they push me left.”