'I would quit': CNN's April Ryan rips Trump's 'manic behavior' -- and wonders if it's just 'entertainment'
April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks on CNN (Screen capture)

CNN’s April Ryan on Friday described Donald Trump’s behavior inside the White House as “manic,” wondering is the president’s focus on administrative change is “about the American public” or if it’s “entertainment.”

“This is not normal,” Ryan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger. “It is something that really send a message not just the American public and to Americans, but to the world globally.”

Ryan warned the president seems “distracted” by his desire to stoke chaos but wondered if it’s “really safe” for Trump to be promoting conflict in his ranks.

“It could actually be a security issue when you're talking about getting rid of [National Security Adviser] H.R. McMaster two months before you're going into North Korea.”

Borger replied that the stories about staff shakeups are “as solid as Jell-O,” adding, “the uncertainty is so difficult” in the White House.

“I would quit,” Ryan said. “Seriously. think about it. You're not sure of your job and what you’re doing for the American public. And there is manic behavior going on, it’s uncertainty. Is this about the American public or is this entertainment?”