'They rape, kill, destroy:' Montana Green Party candidate participated in hate-fueled anti-immigrant rally
The 2016 anti-immigrant rally which a Green Party candidate attended/Screenshot

A Montana Green Party candidate is an anti-immigration activist who has referred to former president Obama as a Muslim, reports the Missoulian.

"There’s a right way and they’re doing it in the wrong way, and our black Muslim president is trying to bring this country down. And he’s doing a very good job with all his lapdogs,” Green party candidate John Gibney told a reporter at a 2016 rally.

Gibney, 72, came to the rally with a sign that said "They rape, kill, destroy.”

The newly certified Montana Green Party is also under fire for fielding a candidate who was on the GOP-payroll and runs a bizarre nativist anti-higher education group. When asked whether he was seeking to dilute votes for Democrats, Gibney refused to answer.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m registered with the Green Party,” he told the paper. “That’s just the way it is. We have open elections, so why not? I’ll see how it goes with them.”

The Montana Green Party chair, Danielle Breck, said that Gibey's comments about immigrants being rapists and killers, and about Obama being a Muslim, were "somewhat bigoted."

But, in a Facebook post where she tagged Adams, the former GOP employee running against Democrat Jon Tester for senate, she said that the candidates should be given the benefit of the doubt.

"The Green Party believes in grassroots democracy and the right, make that the responsibility, of every citizen to take part in their governing," Breck said. "[We will not] jump to the assumption that the are not true Green Party supporters until they have had the opportunity to show us otherwise. We hope you all will do the same."

Here's video from the 2016 rally.