'Be a real journalist': Lauren Hogg rips Laura Ingraham after her apology for mocking her brother's grades
Radio host Laura Ingraham at CPAC

Lauren Hogg, the sister of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg, ripped into Laura Ingraham after the talk show host issued an apology to her brother in the wake of a growing advertiser boycott.

Hogg took to Twitter on Thursday to bash the Fox News host for only apologizing to her brother after several sponsors announced that they were leaving her show.

"Waits till we boycott her advertisers to apologize," she wrote. "Wow."

Hogg then went on to offer Ingraham some future career advice.

"Hey Laura Ingraham, please just be a real journalist," she said. "Focus on the important stories and use your platform to help people not hurt them."

The feud between Ingraham and the Hoggs started on Wednesday when the Fox host sent out a tweet mocking David Hogg's high school grade-point average and then taunting him for getting rejected by some colleges.

Hogg simply responded by tweeting out a list of Ingraham's top sponsors -- and urged his followers to contact them and ask why they still were buying ads for her show.

Since then, three brands -- TripAdvisor, Wayfair and Rachel Ray's Nutrish -- announced they would not longer sponsor Ingraham.