GOP strategist Steve Schmidt slammed Republicans who work for President Donald Trump in an epic rant on MSNBC's Deadline: White House on Friday.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace, who served in the George W. Bush White House for six years, reported on staffer's playing the game "icing" -- which involves hiding Smirnoff Ice, which a discoverer must immediately drop to a knee and chug.

"This story triggered me today, made me crazy," Wallace admitted.

"Yeah, it's not cute, it's disgusting," Schmidt charged. "The comportment of these people is shameful."

"It's just really a tragedy that we have tens of thousands of kids look at the President of the United States and they see a joke," he observed. "You can't watch the evening news with your children, because any different moment the newest porn star will be on explaining the relationship."

Schmidt had no sympathy for Republican operatives who work for Trump.

"And from a personnel perspective, we've never quite seen the assemblage of crooks, just outright weirdos, wife beaters, drunk-drivers, complete and total incompetents that's been assembled," Schmidt charged. "If you took the ten greatest H.R. managers in the world and put them together and said we want to form a 1927 Yankees of incompetents, it's not possible they would have done a better job than assembling this team and it's not possible that this team could have let loose more chaos than they already have."