Rex Tillerson was on the toilet when he learned he'd been canned by Trump
Rex Tillerson during his confirmation hearing (Screenshot)

White House chief of staff John Kelly relayed to reporters that outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on the toilet when he learned he was soon to be fired.

The Daily Beast reported Friday that Kelly's remarks came during the same off-the-record meeting in which the chief of staff said President Donald Trump was likely the source of chaos in the White House.

Like Axios (who broke the story on Kelly's comments on Trump's "chaos"), Daily Beast reporters were not present at the meeting, but were briefed by sources who were in attendance.

Axios also reported earlier in the day that Kelly also joked about the past cocaine habit of Larry Kudlow, a CNBC analyst and likely appointee to the White House chief economic adviser post. Making light of the analyst's well-known drug habit before he got clean 23 years ago, the chief of staff said that Kudlow's old coke problem wouldn't cause security clearance issues because it's "public knowledge."