‘It's ripping people apart’: White House staffers live in fear of ‘the most toxic working environment on the planet'
Graphic of White House staff departures presented by Katy Tur on MSNBC

White House officials are experiencing a "mood of acute anxiety" about their careers, Axios reported Wednesday.

"This is the most toxic working environment on the planet," one White House official explained. "Usually tough times bring people together. But right now this atmosphere is ripping people apart."

"There's no leadership, no trust, no direction and this point there's very little hope. Would you want to go to work every day not knowing whether your future career was going to be destroyed without explanation?" the official asked.

The question of "which staffer will next be frogmarched out the door by security" is weighing on the staff.

Presidential "body man" Johnny McEntee was escorted out of the White House on Monday. Axios also reported that a former aide to First Lady Melania Trump suffered a similar fate last week.

Axois concluded the chaos is "shredding an already devastate morale" in the administration.