Sam Nunberg insists media blitz wasn't drunken meltdown: 'I was trending number 1 on Twitter from a couch'
Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg. Image via screengrab.

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg on Wednesday insisted that his Monday media spree was not a drunken meltdown as some have speculated.

In fact, Nunberg told Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs that he was proud of the performance in which he announced that he would not comply with an order to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury. The former Trump aide has since reversed himself and said he will cooperate with the Mueller's Russia investigation.

"I don’t feel exploited," Nunberg revealed. "I was playing everywhere... I was trending No. 1 on Twitter from a couch in my office."

Nunberg said that he had come up with a plan for how best to reverse the damage he caused himself on Monday. He said that he had reached out to friends and reporters to insist that there was a strategy behind the television spectacle, and that it not been caused by alcohol. Although he did not say whether or not he had been drinking when he went on the air.

"This is my personality," he remarked.

Nunberg also backed away from claims that then-candidate Donald Trump may have colluded with Russians or broken other laws during the campaign. He insisted that the president "never did anything illegal or wrong around me."