Several people have reportedly been shot at another school shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland, WJLA reported. There is a confirmed report from law enforcement that the shooter was also injured and taken to a local hospital.

While the sheriff's office is on the scene and the event is contained, the school is still in lockdown.

Police are also asking that parents not go to the school and instead pick them up at another school about 15 miles away.

NBC Washington confirmed multiple injuries have been reported.

The shooting took place just four days prior to the March for Our Lives, a national march to end gun violence plaguing schools. Great Mills High School is just 67 miles from the White House.

"I am in Great Mills HS," tweeted Mollie Davis. "My school is on a very real lockdown threat and there’s already someone possibly dead. Please pray for us."

Another student begged to be helped out.

Rep Steny Hoyer (D-MD) sent out a tweet praying for students and urging them to follow instructions carefully to ensure their safety.

"I’m closely monitoring reports of an incident at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County. My prayers are with the students, parents, and teachers. Please follow instruction from local law enforcement responding on the scene," he said.

A student identified as Jonathan Freese said that he didn't hear the shots fired but that he was told in the "art hallway."

"The police responded really quickly," he told CNN. He also said that they had rehearsed this a few times and that there were "really well trained" police in their school.

Police report three people with critical injuries have been transported to hospital, that has been confirmed by Fox5.

Another student named Shavon told Fox5 that she was running late for school and once she pulled into her parking spot at the school the police arrived. She was told by friends that there was a school shooting right outside of her first period classroom, which was inside the building.

A different student, who appeared to be a senior, noted that she began high school with a lockdown and is ending her school experience with a lockdown. She was referencing a 2014 threat called into the school that proved to be false.

Dessani described to Fox5 walking to her class with friends when she saw people running toward her with terror in their eyes. She described "a couple" of "poppers." She noted that she looked back and thought she saw the gunman who she identified as a male. She was told by security to go back into the school, but she said it was obvious they weren't sure what was happening. She said that about 15 students refused to go back inside, either because they saw something or they knew something.

She said that there is at least one police officer each day and a few armed guards. The school population is approximately 1,600 students.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) offered thoughts and prayers.

Parkland, Florida students, as well as others, have been tweeting about the incident and demanding politicians take action to protect students.

Watch a live feed below: