Shep Smith calls out Trump for claiming there’s no support for raising age to buy assault weapons
Fox News host Shep Smith. Image via screengrab.

On Monday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted that there was "no political support" for upping the age to purchase assault-style weapons from 18 to 21 — in spite of the state of Florida passing a bipartisan bill signed into law by their Republican governor that did just that.

Fox News' Shep Smith noted that Trump's assertion was incorrect, and that the president appeared to be "backing off" of a stance he took just a few weeks ago following the deadly mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school on Valentine's Day.

"President Trump backed off the idea of raising the age to buy some guns," Smith said, "tweeting that the idea does not have enough political support — though it's widely supported by Republicans and Democrats."

"It's the NRA that doesn't support it," he concluded.

Watch below, via Fox News: