SNL opens with devastating takedown of Trump’s firing of McCabe and Tillerson
Michael Wolfe and the Mooch on SNL/Screenshot

Trump's wild week made for a great cold opener on Saturday Night Live, which parodied an episode of Anderson Cooper 360 featuring a panel that covered the week's many notable firings.

"I'm just a simple man who wanted to make things bad for immigrants, and now here I am taking away the pension of a Christian white," said Sessions.

The spot started with Kate McKinnon's always great Jeff Sessions and ended with Fred Armisen's spot-on impression of Fire and Fury author Michael Wolfe.

In the middle, we got John Goodman as Rex Tillerson, explaining how he was fired by tweet.

"It's just crazy how one day you're the CEO of Exxon, a $50 million company, and the next day you're fired by a guy who used to sell steaks in the mail," he said.

Host Bill Hader did a great version of Trump's short-lived spokesman, Anthony Scaramucci.

Who will be the next FBI director? Michael Wolfe's has some predictions.

Watch below.

KOB_03-17-2018_21.29.47 (1) from Eric Dolan on Vimeo.