Stormy Daniels discussed Trump affair publicly a decade ago — but never said his name
President Donald Trump and adult actress Stormy Daniels, in a 2006 Myspace photo.

During a radio interview in 2007, adult film actress Stormy Daniels discussed her alleged affair with Donald Trump — but didn't mention him by name.

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski reported Tuesday that Daniels was asked to write a list of famous men she'd had sexual relationships with when appearing on a Florida radio show hosted by "Bubba the Love Sponge Clem." People in the studio, the host included, told CNN that Trump's was the the first name Daniels wrote down.

"Although neither Daniels nor the host says Trump's name in the 2007 audio," Kaczynski noted, "she can be heard describing key details that match the description of her alleged affair with Trump."

In the clip, which was verified by CNN after Clem removed it from his Twitch streaming account to avoid unwanted publicity, "Daniels can be heard describing an affair she had with a wealthy man that took place in Nevada less than a year before her radio appearance." The details described in the clip match the actress' lawsuit, which alleges she had an "intimate relationship with Mr. Trump in the Summer of 2006 in Lake Tahoe and continued her relationship with Mr. Trump well into the year 2007."

During the interview, people in the studio with Clem and Daniels sound surprised at the name written down on her list, and the host was heard cautioning against accidentally blurting the person's name out.

"Be careful on this one," Clem said in the May 2007 recording. "Do not say a word."

Daniels went on to say that it was "horribly embarrassing" that the first person written on her three-person list was the best in bed of them all, and said the man reached out to her "twice a month."

On Friday, Clem discussed the more than decade-old interview live on air. You can watch his summary of his interview with Daniels below, via Twitch.

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