Stormy Daniels' lawyer blasts Michael Cohen for joking about taking an 'extended vacation' on her dime
Adult film actress Stormy Daniels (left, via Shutterstock) and Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen (right, via screengrab).

Stormy Daniels' lawyer on Monday blasted Trump attorney Michael Cohen for joking that he wants to take a vacation on the actress' dime.

"The more I’m thinking about it," Cohen told Vanity Fair for an article published earlier in the day, "I might even take an extended vacation on her dime."

Linking to the article in a tweet, Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti cautioned the president's longtime personal attorney to make sure he can get his money back.

"Mr. Cohen should ensure he makes REFUNDABLE reservations for that extended vacation he is planning on my client’s dime," the Los Angeles lawyer tweeted.

In recent weeks, Avenatti has made waves in cable news appearances in defense of his client. He regularly makes jabs at Cohen, the most recent of which came just two days ago when he suggested to MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid that the lawyer was cowardly for hiring his own attorney to hide behind.