This student did the National School Walkout alone and thought no one would care -- he was wrong
Justin Blackman, who did #NationalSchoolWalkoutDay alone.

Justin Blackman, a high school student in Goldsboro, North Carolina, joined millions of students around the country in walking out of class to protest political inaction in the face of school shootings.

But no one at his school was interested in the protest. So Blackman walked out of Spanish class alone, and started shooting a selfie video outside the school.

"It's National School Walkout Day and I'm the only one at my school out here," he says. "I'm just going to be chilling here for the next 15 minutes."

"There's going to be like six people watching this—hopefully," he said.

So far, this video has been watched 600,000 times. And thousands have tweeted in support of Blackman.