Students serve weekend detentions for Parkland protest in silence -- holding names of victims
Pennridge students turn their detention into a protest/Screenshot

The Philadelphia suburb of Pennridge tried to head-off student protests over inaction in the wake of the Parkland massacre by scheduling a school assembly during the scheduled time of the walkout.

But many students weren't interested in the school-sanctioned event—225 disobeyed the orders of Pennridge Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline A. Rattigan and got Saturday morning detentions as a result. They've been branded the #Pennridge225 on Twitter and have no intention of backing off—instead turning their detentions into a second round of protests.

According to a Twitter user, students arrived for the detentions greeted by parents and community members holding signs of support and bringing them coffee, donuts and cookies.

Students who reported this Saturday sat silently for the entire Saturday morning detention, with their arms linked, holding placards bearing the names of the victims.

The protest caught the eye of comedian Patton Oswalt, who deemed it, "a Breakfast Club made up of only badasses."

Alyssa Milano also shared the story.

Video of the protest is below.