'It's take your dictator to work day at the White House': Real Time panel nails Trump for wanting to be Putin
Pete Dominick and Nayyera Haq (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump loves a good dictator, Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher" panel noted.

During the panel discussion, SiriusXMRadio host Nayyera Haq named all of the dictators that Trump seems to want to mirror.

"President Xi says he wants lifetime powers, Trump says he wants lifetime powers. He heard [Philippines President] Rodrigo Duterte

say, 'I want to kill drug deals.' Trump now wants to talk about the death penalty. It's like take your dictator to work day at the White House," she said.

Comedian Pete Dominick said that he thinks Trump wants to be Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"He has a psychological affinity for dictators," Haq continued.

Watch the commentary below: