Tape shows police chief facing hate crime rushing to scene of his alleged attack
Chief Frank Nucera Jr. in a pink shirt rushing to the scene of his alleged attack/Screenshot

A New Jersey police chief facing a hate crimes trial for brutalizing a black teen is seen running to the scene of his alleged attack on a newly released video.

Frank Nucera Jr., 61, was chief of the Bordentown department until resigning before his arrest on hate crimes charges. The chief was captured making racist remarks in which he compared black people to ISIS and said he wanted to join a firing squad to “mow them down,” by another officer, who worked as an informant. Nucera stands accused of brutalizing a black teen who he has claimed he didn't touch.

In records and video reviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, Nucera was seen running in a shirt and tie to confront an 18-year-old man. Once he got there, he allegedly slammed the teen’s head into a metal door jamb creating a "thud" that was heard by people in the area.

Nucera "had a penchant for showing up at routine calls, even when he was off duty," according to the newspaper report.

In this case, he rushed to confront a man who allegedly refused to get out of the pool after failing to pay a $65 bill at the Ramada Inn.