'Thoughts and prayers': Internet mocks Laura Ingraham as she takes a vacation while advertisers flee
Laura Ingraham -- screenshot

As she closed her five-month old show Friday night Laura Ingraham announced she will be taking next week off. Ingraham has been plagued by at least 16 advertisers fleeing her program, some promising to never return after the Fox News host attacked Parkland student survivor David Hogg.

I'll be off for Easter break with my kids, but fear not – we've got a great lineup of guest hosts to fill in for me," Ingraham told viewers.

Former Fox News president Joe Peyronnin says Ingraham's apology – which she said she was offering because of "Holy Week" – was insufficient and the flood of advertisers leaving "could be fatal" to the future of her show.

David Hogg, who had responded to Ingraham's attack by tweeting out a list of just 12 of her top advertisers on Wednesday, offered this tweet:

Others on social media noted that at Fox News, vacations after advertiser boycotts are sometimes permanent:

Meanwhile, some rejoiced in the success of the Parkland students, and others sent Ingraham their "thoughts and prayers":