‘Trump can’t save you’: Dem strategist Paul Begala warns Republicans to break with White House before midterms
Paul Begala (Photo: Screen capture)

The White House went all in on the Congressional special election in the Pennsylvania 18th District. Wednesday's CNN panel couldn't help but notice the GOP is in big trouble.

Political analyst Julie Pace explained that Republicans fought hard to keep the seat, seemingly to no avail.

"And no matter what Republicans are saying publicly today, privately they are acknowledging that this is a really rough race for them and it's sending worrisome signals about some of these districts where President Trump won but Democrats might be able to put up a more moderate candidate in November."

But it was Democratic strategist Paul Begala that sounded the alarm for the GOP.

"Republicans are going to need a bigger yacht," he joked, a reference to the 'Jaws' line "I think we're going to need a bigger boat."

"The president can't -- I think Conor Lamb is exactly right," he continued. "The president didn't cost Rick Saccone the seat. He did not campaign against President Trump. He's too smart for that. But the lesson for all Republican Congressmen and women is, even in a district that Trump won by 20, 'Trump can't save me.' There's a blue wave coming and even $10 million and even the president, the vice president, Ivanka (Trump), Jared (Kushner), if they had a dog, they would have brought the dog in. That can't save you. You're out of luck. There's a blue wave coming. That's the lesson."

Former Trump aide Jason Miller tried to blame the appointment on former Secretary of State Condi Rice and Bob Gates, but CNN host John Berman cut in and said that neither of them had nominating power.

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