Trump invites anti-Semitic ex-aide and Fox News host to gossip at the White House because he 'can't get enough of them on TV'
Fox News host Jesse Watters (left) and President Donald Trump (right). Images via screengrab.

On Monday, President Donald Trump welcomed his former staffer and current Fox News personality Sebastian Gorka and his colleague Jesse Watters to the White House to have dinner, gossip and talk shop.

According to a source that spoke to the Daily Beast, the president invited his potentially anti-Semitic ex-aide and his Fox News flunky because he "couldn't get enough of them on TV."

The meeting was initially teased by Watters, who on Thursday night tweeted an un-captioned photo of a White House menu signed by the president.

"To Jesse," an autograph on the menu reads. "You are great!"

During the meeting, which was described by the Beast's source as "lit," Trump reportedly told Gorka he "missed" having him in the administration.

Gorka, a loyalist to former senior adviser Steve Bannon, left the White House in August after his former mentor's exit. Though the Hungarian-born former aide claimed he resigned due to "forces" that were trying to "sabotage" Trump's agenda, subsequent reporting and the White House's own statement suggest otherwise.

Following the publication of Gorka's "resignation letter" by The Federalist, MSNBC's Chris Hayes reported that the Secret Service was instructed to bar him from the premises an hour before he went public with his exit. In their statement, the White House said Gorka "did not resign," but that he "no longer works" for the Trump administration.