Trump-loving Roseanne promotes conspiracy theory about top Dems running a satanic child sex cult
Roseanne Barr on Jimmy Kimmel/Screenshot

Roseanne Barr, whose revived sitcom 'Roseanne' drew 18 million viewers in its first episode this week, has been promoting a wild conspiracy theory about top Democratic leaders being involved in satanic cult that traffics child sex slaves.

The Daily Beast reports that Barr has regularly promoted the work of an anonymous 4Chan user who goes by the name of "Q" and who claims to be a top-ranking government official.

While "Q" has never given any evidence to show that they really work in the government, their posts on 4Chan have garnered a large following among conspiracy theorists, as they allege that the Trump administration is planning mass arrests of Democratic leaders for their roles in a devil-worshiping child-sex-trafficking ring.

Barr first asked her Twitter followers to help her get in touch with "Q" last November, days after he wrongly predicted that former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta would soon be arrested for his role in masterminding the cult.

While Barr only tweeted sparsely about "Q" since then, the Daily Beast notes that her "Q"-related tweets have picked up steam over the last week.

"Since Friday, she has tweeted or retweeted content relating to QAnon (or its other name 'The Storm') at least four times," the publication writes. "Her most recent post about QAnon is a retweeted clip of Stephen Colbert welcoming then-candidate Donald Trump onto his show. 'You are not supposed to see this video,' the video, which is tagged with a QAnon hashtag is captioned."