Trump Organization ousted from Panama luxury tower in ownership dispute: report
President Donald Trump holds up a "peace" symbol at CPAC 2013. Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons.

President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have reportedly lost control of their family hotel business in Panama.

According to the Associated Press and Washington Post, the owner of the hotel seems to have won a legal victory in court this morning. “The hotel’s owner says he has wrested control of the hotel,” the Post’s David Fahrenthold tweeted.

Investor Orestes Fintiklis then played a piano concert in the lobby of the hotel.

It was then confirmed by the AP:

Last Tuesday, Panamanian police handcuffed a security guard working for the hotel after the hotel's owner tried to fire the Trump Organization. The Trump staff refused to leave. The guard was detained after he refused to allow officers to enter the hotel's offices. The Washington Post reported.

The most recent financial disclosure from Trump showed $810,000 in revenue from the hotel over the past 15 months.

ABC News reported that the police and a judge were forced to evict the security guards preventing entrance for non Trump Organization staff.

Watch the video below of the scene: