Trump's data firm, Cambridge Analytica, is trying to stop broadcast of an undercover expose: report
Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica/Screenshot

Cambridge Analytica has had a rough week.

The British data firm which helped propel Donald Trump to the presidency has been banned from Facebook after misusing user data and been the subject of a New York Times report that says it lied about having business relations with Russia, having actually worked with Russians to target American voters as far back as 2014.

The company had previously been very outspoken about the transition "from Mad Men to Math Men." Steve Bannon used the company for what's been called "mind hacking."

But a reelingCambridge Analytica is now trying to stop a new documentary from Britain's Channel 4 which features undercover interviews with people including CEO Alexander Nix, reports the Financial Times.

According to FT, reporters posed as potential clients and secretly filmed the company's pitches.

The documentary is slated to air this week.

Cambridge Analytica’s spokesman declined to comment to FT about the Channel 4 report.