Lawyers for President Donald Trump and members of special counsel Robert Mueller's team had their first face-to-face meeting last week — just days before the president went on a Twitter tirade against the special counsel.

CNN revealed the existence of the meeting in a Monday night report — a meeting that sources close to the proceedings said finally happened "after several weeks of informal discussions between the two sides."

"The meeting makes clear that Mueller's investigation into contact between Russians and the Trump campaign and other criminal matters isn't likely to end anytime soon," CNN reported, noting that it also seem to "have unleashed a new level of Trump's public hostility toward Mueller, even while some of the President's advisers show a willingness to negotiate Trump's testimony."

Mueller was not in attendance at the meeting, the report continued, but his prosecutors — which includes Watergate prosecutor James Quarles III — "gave Trump's lawyers enough detail that the President's team wrote a memo with possible questions they expect to be asked of him."

According to one of CNN's sources, "Trump was interested in speaking with Mueller's team if the probe would end soon." Once he realized that there's much more to come, however, "he's become more agitated and has lashed out on Twitter."