Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw nails Roger Stone: He 'sees himself as a James Bond evil factor’
Veteran NBC News journalist Tom Brokaw.

Legendary television journalist Tom Brokaw joined MSNBC's Meet the Press Daily to provide analysis following host Chuck Todd's interview with long-time Donald Trump political advisor Roger Stone.

"Tom, I'll give you first crack, Roger didn't crack," Todd acknowledged.

"No, Roger has been at this a long time and I must say, he relishes his role, which has always been on the perimeter, it's almost never been right next to the seat of power," Brokaw explained. "You can tell by his style that he's very well read in on what he wants to say and how he wants to say it, but he is for the most part an agent for Roger and not for anyone else, but he loves all the attention.

"He's the man who has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back and people have to keep that in mind as well," Brokaw reminded. "He did that, I always believed, just so he'd get more attention for himself."

Brokaw hosted Meet the Press following the untimely death of Tim Russert.

"The essential truth about him is, that he has to be involved in everything and it's always in the dark arts, it's always on the dark side of whatever it is that he's doing," Brokaw noted. "And the manner in which he dresses, in which he conducts himself,

he sees himself as some kind of a James Bond evil factor in all of this."