WATCH: Dem lawmaker torches 'grifter' Jared Kushner for getting loans after meeting CEOs in the White House
Wolf Blitzer interviews Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) (Screen cap).

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) raked the Trump White House over the coals during a CNN interview on Thursday in which he said the entire administration lacks fundamental ethics.

Responding to a question from Wolf Blitzer about the loans that Kushner's family's business received from banks shortly after he met with their chief executives, Cohen mocked Trump's son-in-law for being so blatantly corrupt.

"What a coincidence," Cohen said sarcastically of the loans. "It's just amazing, you know, that these things could happen, that people could meet with Kushner -- who is an owner of those companies -- and then they make these tremendous loans outside the ordinary."

Cohen went on to say that President Donald Trump bears the most responsibility for fostering a culture of corruption in his White House in which members of his administration feel free to use their positions of power to personally enrich themselves.

"He set the low bar for members of his family and administration to follow, and Kushner followed it directly in conflicts of interest," he said. "[Kushner's] salary is chickenfeed. It's what you can make out of the job -- it's called a grifter... We have grifters in the White House today."

Watch the video below.