WATCH: NRA's Dana Loesch dodges Anderson Cooper's questions as he asks if she feels 'betrayed' by Trump on guns
Anderson Cooper and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch (Photo: Screen capture)

Anderson Cooper was dogged in asking if the National Rifle Association felt betrayed by President Donald Trump after his comments Wednesday that he was willing to take guns without due process.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch refused to answer whether or not she felt "betrayed by this president." Instead she said that there were a lot of things discussed in the meeting that the NRA opposed.

"If President (Barack) Obama had said 'I kinda believe in taking the guns first and going through due process second,' I would imagine the NRA would have spoken out incredibly strongly about that as would many Republicans," Cooper said. "Again, just officially does the NRA feel betrayed by this president? Due process is something I hear you and the NRA talk about all the time and understandably this president just said due process comes second. Take the gun. That's the fear of so many gun owners in the NRA."

Loesch agreed saying the NRA wants to "maintain the Constitutional rights" of Americans and told Trump as much. However, she still attacked Obama, saying that he never came close to the support Trump has had for guns.

"We know that former President Obama did not -- he did not even come close to thinking as President Trump does on international reciprocity or other issues," she said. "He was pretty clear on that. I think the response could have been the same."

Cooper asked if Trump continues to demand the age to purchase assault weapons be increased to 21, eliminate bump stocks and the other proposals, "even taking guns, worrying about due process later" if the NRA would continue to support him.

"What's the message from the NRA to him on that in terms of what will happen in the voting booth?" he asked.

"We've made it clear where they stand in terms of where we are with increasing the age," Loesch said. "It just doesn't make sense to punish people to do that."

Cooper asked once more if she, the NRA or NRA members felt betrayed by Trump, but she never answered.

Executive Director Chris Cox tweeted that he had a meeting at the White House and that Trump is back behind opposing "gun control."

The president went on to confirm the meeting, saying that it was a "good (great) meeting."

Watch the full interview below: