WATCH: Nurse previously fired for use of N-word gets caught abusing elderly Arab man at new job
In side the nursing home/Screenshot

A hidden camera appears to show an 89-year-old Lebanese immigrant being abused by a nurse at a Detroit-area nursing home, according to WDIV TV.

Husein Younes complained about the treatment to his family, who used a hidden camera in a clock to document him being slapped in the head, thrown on a bed and rolling his wheelchair in a closet.

"He's an Arab-American, and because of that he was targeted at this nursing home and horribly abused," said the family's attorney, Jonathan Marko.

The employees have been fired, according to the Autumnwood of Livonia Nursing Home. The nurse, who was reportedly fired from a previous position in Virginia after using the N-word, has lost her license in Michigan.

You can watch the disturbing video below.