Watch: Racist harasses Hispanic family outside Arkansas Walmart
Maria Meneses talks to KATV/Screenshot

A Hispanic family in Arkansas had a scary encounter with a white man who started harassing them outside a Walmart store in Bryant, southwest of Little Rock.

Maria Meneses and her family were shopping at the store when a man began taking photographs of their car. He then began to curse at them and told them to go back to Mexico.

Meneses was afraid that the man might have a gun, so she summoned a white manager who called the police. The racist drove away when the manager confronted him.

"I'm a 4.0 biology and pre-med major at Philander Smith College, a community activist as well as a future doctor. Let him know him know who I really am and let's see how his thoughts change afterwards," Meneses told a local TV station.

Here is the original Facebook video where you can see the man's face.

Here's a video interview with the victim that also shows blurred version of the attack.