Watch: Rock star who attacked Parkland kids as 'disgusting vile abusers of the dead' now begging for forgiveness
Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal in his apology video/Screenshot

Jesse Hughes, frontman of ironic rock band Eagles of Death Metal, knows something about gun violence. His band was on stage in Paris in 2015 when three gunmen stormed the club and killed 90 people.

Hughes is hated in France, where he blamed Muslim security guards at the club for the incident. He was banned from an anniversary memorial.

Hughes is pro-gun and attacked the Parkland students in the wake of the massacre.

“May everyone of these disgusting vile abusers of the dead live as long as possible so they can have the maximum amount of time to endure their shame,” he said in an Instagram rant, “and be Cursed.”

Like Laura Ingraham and rapper Killer Mike, Hughes now realizes he went too far in his vicious attacks on the survivor of the Parkland attacks, and is now trying desperately to walk it back.

Hughes is saying that he "never intended for that to happen" and praised "the beautiful movement of our nation's youth."

"I truly am sorry I didn't mean to hurt anyone or cause any harm," he said.

Watch the apology video below.

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