WATCH: South Carolina man buys homeless person a meal at McDonald's -- and the restaurant kicks them both out
A police officer confronts a homeless man at a McDonald's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Screen cap).

A McDonald's in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is coming under heavy criticism after a viral video showed that it called police to remove a homeless man who was given a free meal by one of its patrons.

Local news station ABC 11 reports that Yossi Gallo on Thursday brought a homeless man into the McDonald's and bought him a free meal to eat.

The restaurant, which said it received complaints from customers about the homeless man's presence, proceeded to call the police to have him removed. At this point, Gallo took out his phone and started taking video of the officers asking the homeless man to leave the McDonald's.

"I waved him down and said, 'Hey, are you hungry?' And he said, 'Yes.' So, I went in there with him and as soon as we went inside, the lady at the register says 'You're not getting food," Gallo explains to ABC 11.

The officer in the video informed Gallo that she had stopped by because multiple people had complained about the homeless man begging for food outside the restaurant.

"He didn't ask me for food," Gallo responded to the officer. "I saw him across the street and I brought him over here."

The officer nonetheless persisted in asking the two men to leave -- and at one point yelled at Gallo, "I am the law!"

Watch the video below.