WATCH: Spy who penetrated Kremlin intelligence reveals how he did the same at Trump Towers
Chris Hayes Felix Sater (Photo: Screen capture)

Felix Sater, who worked with President Donald Trump on his Trump Moscow deal, had a riveting interview with MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes on how he penetrated Russian Intelligence and Trump Tower.

Hayes introduced Sater as having a, "resume out of a spy thriller."

The former FBI informant gave details on how he penetrated Trump's inner circle by renting office space in Trump Tower.

"We were on the 24th floor. Trump organization was on the 26th floor," Sater explained. "I basically knocked on his door, said 'I think we should become partners, I have great real estate deals, I'm going to be a very successful developer. You want to work with me."

Sater also recounted how he was approached by an American spy who discretely approached him in the bathroom of a Russian nightclub.

He said the intelligence operative said, "Felix, they seem to like having a drink with you. They seem to make jokes with you...we've been trying to penetrate these people for years."


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