Watch: Stephen Colbert hounds Omarosa into revealing Hope Hicks' 'white lies' in un-aired 'Late Show' segment

In the full, uncut version of Stephen Colbert's interview on Wednesday night, former Apprentice star and White House pariah Omarosa Manigault revealed some of Hope Hicks' 'white lies' in an un-aired portion of the segment.

Hicks, until recently, served as Donald Trump's White House Communications Director -- and made headlines this week when she announced her resignation following a dust-up with the president over comments she made to the House Intelligence Committee, indicating that she told 'white lies' for the administration.

On CBS's The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert tried to get Manigault to spill some of the beans on Hicks.

“You worked for her. Do you know what the lies were?” Colbert prompted

“I would suspect the first big one might be about crowd size. But I don’t really want to go into it,” Omarosa responded.

“Oh no, please. Let’s go into it! You’ve got to give the people... the people want to know." Colbert replied. "You worked in the Office of Communications. Let’s communicate how big the crowd was" [at the Trump inauguration].

Manigault then explained that she didn't want to be the person who had to tell Trump that he didn't have the biggest inauguration crowd in history.

“Who has to break things to Donald Trump that he doesn’t want to hear?" Colbert joked

“Well, at the time, it was Reince Priebus and then Spicer,” Omarosa said. “Both of them are no longer there.”

You can watch the full, uncut segment below: