Watch: Trump-supporter Roseanne Barr gives cringe-worthy interview to Jimmy Kimmel
Roseanne Barr on Jimmy Kimmel/Screenshot

Roseanne is back, and so is Roseanne Barr.

The comedian has been in the woods since her sitcom wrapped up in 1997 and has since dabbled in politics as a Green Party candidate.

Barr was once a personal friend of Hillary and is now a harsh critic of Hillary Clinton, calling her a murderer in a since-deleted tweet.

Barr now has a reboot of the sitcom, which is heavily political. So Kimmel brought up Barr's politics, which she claimed are the same they ever were.

"I'm still the same, you all moved," she said. "You all went so far out you lost everybody."

She also lectured Trump critics on how "it's up to us to make this government work."

"No matter who we voted for, we don't want to see our president fail," she said.

"And yet we've seen it, over and over again," Kimmel said.

"You want Pence?" she said.

Watch below.