Watch Trump's lonely and silent walk of shame as he arrives at the White House on #StormySunday
Donald Trump's grump, silent walk to the White House on Stormy Sunday/Screenshot

For all his angry tweets and generally poor temperament, Donald Trump is normally happy-go-lucky when the bright lights are on and he has no obligation to answer questions.

But the normally cheery Trump looked dour as he arrived back at the White House, where he will watch tonight's bombshell 60 Minutes interview with his alleged former lover, Stormy Daniels.

He stormed toward the door of the White House, scowling and appearing to repeatedly open his mouth as though he wanted to speak before closing it again quickly.

Melania Trump is staying behind at Ma-A-Lago with the couple's son.

CNN_03-25-2018_18.43.00 from Martin Cizmar on Vimeo.