The atmosphere inside President Donald Trump's White House is darker than ever — and many staffers are trying to finagle exit plans amid a job market that doesn't want them.

Sources that spoke to BuzzFeed News claim "many mid- and low-level staffers are anxious to leave and are actively looking for jobs elsewhere," and viewed the abrupt resignation of White House communications director Hope Hicks as a "tipping point."

But one former Trump administration official said the job market for ex-White House staffers just isn't what it used to be.

"I've talked to several people in the last week trying to find a way out, but they can't get out because no one is really hiring people with Trump White House experience," the source told BuzzFeed. "Not a fun time to say the least."

He also admitted that "things are still pretty bleak" inside the administration that's been wracked with even more scandal than usual.

Another source close to the White House said he's spoken to people still within the administration about finding jobs on the outside.

"The White House has lost Hope," the source told BuzzFeed, making a pun about Hicks' departure. "That about says it all, right?"

The number three Senate Republican, meanwhile, responded to Trump's series of bizarre comments on over the past few days about guns and tariffs by calling them "wild." On Wednesday, Trump stunned Democrats and Republicans alike by saying he would like to see police "take the guns first, go through due process second" to prevent mass shootings, and followed the strange remark up on Thursday by announcing he plans to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel.

"You saw it, right? It was wild," Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said. "I just I think the president's going to have to narrow his list of issues that he would like to see addressed and figure out ... what's realistic."